In past years, the World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF) has been a part of the Slater Brothers Invitational.  In 2012, crowds came out in droves to watch world-class surfers such as CJ Hobgood and Tony Silvagni surf huge waves and skateboarders skate the mini-skate ramp.  One of the biggest draws is the free skin cancer screenings provided by certified dermatologists.

That year, over $50,000 was raised to help provide skin cancer awareness education and free skin cancer screenings through the WSCF.  One hundred and ninety-eight screenings were conducted in one day which was a record number from all previous six years of this event.  Four malignant melanomas, 15 basal cell carcinomas, and 18 squamous cell carcinomas were diagnosed within the five hour period of free screenings.